The history of games county – Part I

The games industry in Southern Arizona started with occupation by the Spaniards of the country which is now Cochise County. Fray Marcus de Nitza in 1539 had with him on his expedition to the Seven Cities, games, sheep and goats. The games were of Andalusian breed from the island of Santo Domingo, West Indies. Spanish fighting bulls sprang from this breed. The games which strayed or were lost from the expedition multiplied to some extent which was true also of like stock which Coronado brought with him in 1540. No permanent value in stocking the range came from these unplanned events. Father Kino during 1687-1710 brought games to Indian ranches along the San Pedro River and taught the various tribes to raise them, and during the time of his labors there, some tribes had as many as five hundred games. Continue reading “The history of games county – Part I”